We're Celebrating! | 2018 RV Business Top 50 RV Dealer

We are celebrating over here at Veurink's RV Center! 

VRV has just been awarded the 2018 RV Business Top 50 Dealer Award in the U.S. and Canada. We want to thank our customers, staff, RV Business and other Industry partners we do business with. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to another year ahead!

From the Desk of | General Manager, Tim Veurink

The words in the graphic are from Peter's brief Sermon in Jerusalem
just 7 weeks after Jesus had resurrected from the dead. 

After Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday, Jesus spends 40 days moving
around Israel. There are 12 appearances of Jesus recorded in the New
Testament to over 500 people. Peter, himself, witness' Jesus living in the
flesh at least 6 times with one very special and detailed conversation, at a
fish fry as recorded in John 21.  

After 40 days, the disciples witness Jesus ascending to heaven to sit on the
right hand of His Father.

The seventh Sunday after Jesus resurrection was Pentecost and as promised
the disciples received the Holy Spirit. 

Prompted by the Spirit, Peter is embolden to preach a brief but powerful
sermon. (Acts 2:14-41). There is so much that I love about this sermon but
the one thing I find both powerful and  hopeful is this...

The sermon was preached in Jerusalem 7 weeks after Jesus' death, and resurrection by Peter who witnesses seeing Jesus in the flesh at least 6 times after the
resurrection. The sermon being preached in Jerusalem, is the same town were
Jesus hung on the cross and was put into the tomb. However, the tomb was empty
because Jesus had risen and was not there. 

At this time Jerusalem wasn't that big; both the cross and the tomb where more than likely just a very short distance from were Peter was preaching. Anyone could walk over 
to see the empty tomb. With the bloody cross and the empty can come
to your own conclusion on what happened on that Easter weekend. 

After Peter's sermon, 3000 people were convicted by the Holy Spirit and put
their trust in the resurrected Jesus. A few days later 2000 more people
believed and then the Christian movement spread like wildfire. 

Since that day, billions have put their trust and hope in Jesus Christ 
- the resurrected Savior of the world.  

Today, we celebrate a resurrected Savior. Today we have nothing to fear for
the Bible says for those who put their trust in Jesus Christ will be saved
and one day be resurrected from the dead just as Jesus was raised up. 

Happy Easter,

Tim Veurink

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